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About Me

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Lori Evensen has been creating art since she was under the age of two.  While studying at Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Lori spent a semester studying abroad in Rome and Tunisia, an experience which significantly refined her artistic vision. She graduated with a BFA in painting in 2011 and has exhibited in numerous galleries, cafe's, nightspots, science centers, bars and restaurants in Philadelphia, Rome, and State College. Lori currently lives and works in Philadelphia PA. 

Artist Statement

Life’s responsibilities and entrenched traditions are often used as excuses to suppress unique viewpoints and innovative ways of perceiving the world. But bold, raw creativity is precisely what frees our spirits from the banality of the everyday because it allows us to step outside ourselves to appreciate fantastic wonder. I seek to do this in my art by using vivid colors and eccentric patterns to create wistful parallel universes begging to be explored. Many of my pieces contain subtle details and are designed to be hung in multiple orientations so that the viewer can discover something new with each viewing. Rather than stem from a dark mindset, my artwork originates from an optimistic choice to regard the world as vibrant, detailed, and gorgeous. I want viewers to understand that despite the world's imperfections, it is also a complex labyrinth of beauty rife with inspiration!

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